Removing Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Ok, so you’ve had a minor accident that has caused you to completely freak out. It might seem like the world has ended before your eyes as you have grabbed your glass of red wine and it’s fallen on your freshly cleaned white carpet, however there is no need to worry, and most certainly a light at the end of the tunnel.

While we advise you to contact a professional carpet cleaning specialist to handle the long term effects and the residue, there are some steps you can take to prevent the stain from worsening. The first thing to do is to not panic, take a few deep breaths and remain calm.


Acting swiftly is crucial in stopping the stain from setting, if you find yourself in this situation, dab a cloth onto the affected area, getting as much of the wine off as possible. Sprinkling table salt onto the carpet will avert the stain from seeping deep into the carpet, until you’re able to attend to it.


The key with decreasing the colour of the stain is to dab the stain, never rub it as this will cause the wine to go beneath and into the fibres and make it incredibly challenging to remove. Using a terry cloth or a thick paper towel is best to ensure as much of the wine stain is soaked up.

There are a number of other home remedies for wine stains that are also suitable , including soda water, baking soda and even white wine.

Cleaning Pet Stains

Pets can bring us an incredible amount of joy, they provide us with companionship and also keep us entertained, playing catch outside. All pet owners will experience their furry friends have the occasional accident and although the initial reaction may be to scream, remaining focused and responsive will ensure that the stains arn’t permanent. No matter how much we train our pets, you have to expect an infrequent episode.

There are many ingredients that are found in most pantries that can decrease the stains and make it easier to remove in the future.

The first thing to do once your pet has urinated on the carpet is to soak up as much of the liquid as possible, we recommend you use newspaper and paper towel, as these products are incredibly absorbent.

The next step is to mix various home products, and this will hopefully take as much of the stain out of the carpet as possible. Combine 2 cups of white distilled water and 2 cups of lukewarm water into a spray bottle. Sprinkle 4 tablespoons onto the soiled area they spray the liquid onto the baking soda, let it set for 5 minutes then dab it with a cloth.

The method listed above may only be a temporary fix, depending on the thickness of your carpet and the amount of urine that has seeped through. If you are still able to smell the urine, we recommend you purchase a pet odour neutraliser.

For those who have tried this method and are still struggling to remove the stains, we recommend you contact a professional carpet cleaning business.